New Uta no Prince-sama Game Is in Development

new uta no prince-sama
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Broccoli announced that it is developing a new Uta no Prince-sama game. However, it did not give any more details beyond that. More information on the contents of the game will appear at a later date. The announcement specifically uses the word “app” for it. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

Existing characters from both Shining Agency and Raging Entertainment will appear in the new Uta no Prince-sama. But what role they’ll play is unclear. According to Broccoli’s announcement, it is working hard to develop the game for fans who have supported Uta no Prince-sama all of these years.

Uta no Prince-sama first came out on the PSP in 2010, and there have been various sequels, spin-offs, and adaptations since then. The franchise is very popular in Japan, with its single appearing on music charts. The original game was a romcom visual novel. It was not what we today would call an idol game, which are mostly either raising sims or rhythm games. The most recent Uta no Prince-sama game, Shining Live, came out in 2017 for mobile devices.

Aside from a new Uta no Prince-sama game, Broccoli is also working on Uta no Princess-sama: Back to the Idol. This is a first in the franchise, in which female idols will be the main characters. Fans of the series were very upset at this when news of it first started circulating on the Internet due to the series’s otome roots and the usage of “princess” in the title. This is because “princess” is traditionally the title for fans.

A new Uta no Prince-sama game is in development, and more information on the genre and platform will appear at a later date. However, since the announcement specifically uses the word “app” for it, it will likely be on iOS and Android devices.

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