New Utawarerumono Title Revealed With Story And Main Character Details

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Following a teaser yesterday, Aquaplus revealed a new Utawarerumono title that has yet to be named. The teaser site has been updated with info on the story, setting, and main characters.


First, here are details on its story:

By the time he realized, he found himself in the middle of darkness.

How long has he been there, how long will he stay there?

His voice couldn’t reach out, and just as his consciousness was about to fall into darkness, a ray of light shined.

There was a voice of someone calling…

He was driven in hope and desperately reached his hands out to the light, but what he saw was a strange and unknown starry sky.

And in the arms, there was a girl with two horns that point to the heavens and a pair of red eyes.

While bleeding endlessly between death and life, the girl asked him…

“Black mask…? You’re… my…”

The fate’s rebellion begins for the princess of a family bound by blood and a man who lost his name.


We got a look at two key characters with the protagonist Akuta and what appears to be the main heroine Minagi:


Akuta (CV: Kazuya Nakai)


Akuta is the protagonist of the new Utawarerumono game. He’s a masked man that suddenly appears before Minagi. He lost all recollection of his past and doesn’t remember his name, but he’s strong-willed and hasn’t lost his sense of duty. He dives into everything he can take on without fear.


Minagi (CV: Atsumi Tanezaki)


A kind-hearted girl called “princess” and cares a lot about her younger sister. She’s been trifled for the fate that her family can’t escape, but after meeting Akuta she decides to stand up against this fate, once again.


Aquaplus has yet to reveal the platform(s) for the new Utawarerumono title. More information will be revealed soon.

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