A New Wild Arms Has Been In The Works, But It’s Still A Ways Off



This week’s issue of Famitsu magazine featured a special column where fans got to voice their opinions on what sequels and remakes they’d like to see most.


The Final Fantasy series placed 1st, but surprisingly in 2nd place was the Wild Arms series. Akifumi Kaneko who worked on designs and scenario for the Wild Arms series talked about it in a recent blog post. Here’s what Kaneko had to say:


I read this week’s Famitsu.


It really brings me pleasure to hear that there are people who will always be waiting for the next title.


And the results from this week’s special article is thanks to all of you guys who submitted your votes…


I want to let you know that, it’s been six years and eight months since the release of Wild Arms XF, and since then, I’ve been working behind the scenes, together with Nishijima (Taku Nishijima) and Motomura (Kentaro), two great friends from SCE, to whom I’m very grateful.


While we were able to get very nice results this time [from the Famitsu ballot,] this is just the beginning. We barely just stepped off the start line, and the actual finish line is a little farther ahead.


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