New Yu-Gi-Oh Pop Up Parade Yugi, Kaiba, and Dark Magician Girl Figures Shared

yu-gi-oh figures yami yugi pop up parade good smile company

Good Smile Company’s WonHobby 32 figures also included tributes to Yu-Gi-Oh icons. To be specific, three people will be immortalized. There will be Yu-Gi-Oh Yami Yugi, Seto Kaiba, and Dark Magician Pop Up Parade figures available.

Of the three, Yugi seems the farthest along in development. A painted prototype of him that showed him wielding a card was shared on Twitter.

yu-gi-oh figures yami yugi pop up parade good smile company 1

Both the Yu-Gi-Oh Kaiba and Dark Magician Girl figures appeared as unpainted prototypes. The latter will be riding on her staff like it is a broom. Meanwhile, Kaiba will wield cards when he shows up, just like Yugi is in his figure.

For those unfamiliar with it, Good Smile Company’s Pop Up Parade is a collection of more affordable figures. All of the figures are about seven inches tall. They also all cost ¥3,900/$37.99. While stock can run out, people might also find them a little easier to purchase before they do. (Unlike Nendoroids, figmas, and other scale figures from the company.)

The Yu-Gi-Oh! Yugi, Kaiba, and Dark Magician Girl Pop Up Parade figures are in development. Given Yugi is the only one with a painted prototype, we’ll likely see him launch first. Past figures from Good Smile Company inspired by the series include a Yugi Nendoroid.

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