Nexon Removes Controversial Meso Sacks From MapleStory’s Reboot World

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Nexon recently launched the Reboot World for MapleStory in order to provide what it describes as a “hardcore RPG experience where balance impacting items can be obtained in-game through the efforts of each individual player.


Soon after the launch, there was a petition signed by nearly 500 players to encourage Nexon to remove Meso Sacks from the Reboot World. They argued that the Meso Sacks “completely defeats the purpose of the Reboot world and many players are upset about it.”


At first, the “Reboot Meso Sack” was available to purchase from the Reboot World Cash Shop and awarded millions of mesos when purchased, encouraging players to buy their way to the top.


Nexon’s initial reaction was to limit the purchase of Meso Sacks to players at Level 150 and above. Listening to the feedback from players, Nexon has decided to removed Meso Sacks from the Reboot World entirely. But now the Meso Sacks have been removed from the MapleStory Reboot World entirely.


“We’ve decided to remove these items while we further review community feedback and monitor meso activity in Reboot World,” Nexon writes in the announcement. “This will give us more insight as to whether or not we need to provide any additional ways to obtain meso in the future.”

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