Nexon’s New Survival MMORPG Has Dinosaurs



    The open world, survival-based massively multiplayer online game Durango from Nexon has a teaser site. The game will put players squarely in the role of surviving in the prehistoric past where dinosaurs still roam the land.



    While most details aren’t out yet, it’s obvious that Durango, from the same studio that did Mabinogi Heroes (Also called Vindictus) is trying to set itself apart by giving players a different sort of online playstyle. From the trailer, players will be trying to eke out survival in the world, which likely also includes being forced to consider basic necessities such as food and water just to get on with life.


    That means going down to the river to get a drink (at first), and gathering wild mushrooms and herbs to eat. We don’t know if perma-death is a possibility or not, though with the way the trailer emphasizes sticking together and survival aspects, that might be possible.



    screenshot1 screenshot4

    You’ll have to hunt and gather to eat better things eventually, though, which means going up against Durango’s big draw—dinosaurs. The prehistoric animals will be out in force, and you’ll have to eventually work together with other players, fashioning weapons, to take them down.



    Working together looks like it’ll be heavily emphasized in the 2.5D world, with crafting a key component. It appears you’ll be able to craft actual objects that can be placed into the world. Some include traps against wandering dinosaurs, buildings and work benches such as forges to slowly climb yourself up and out of backwater hovels.


    conceptart1 conceptart3

    conceptart4 conceptart2

    Do well enough, and you’ll eventually be able to look like this.


    Durango is slated for iOS, Android, and Nvidia Shield.