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Latest Escape Adventure Game Revolves Around A Creepy Sequence Of Numbers



In the last Escape Adventure title by Arc System Works, protagonist Wakaru Tokino and her friends are stuck at a school due to a mysterious incident, where they had to escape to find friends. Now, we know more about the game, titled Escape Adventure: The Cursed Sequence.


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The classroom blackboard, the outdoor field, the curtains in the nurse’s office, and inside someone’s diary. These are some of the places that this “cursed sequence” has suddenly appeared in throughout the school.


This is a new phenomenon that Wakaru Tokino will have to deal with using her wits, but she’ll have a new partner this time around–a self-proclaimed “detective” by the name Yurika Susami who has just joined her class. The two will work together to solve the mystery behind the cursed sequence seen on campus.


Here are the key characters that will appear in the upcoming title:


Wakaru Tokino:



Yurika Susami:



Hikomichi Kajino:



Shunosuke Susami:



Kyogo Tsukiyono:



The game is split into various parts of Adventure, Exploration, and more.


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The Adventure part will have you go through conversations with characters as the story advances. These talks will provide hints for some of the puzzles.


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Meanwhile, the Exploration parts involve going to various areas of the school to find clues for yourself. Escape Adventure: The Cursed Sequence adds a new memo feature to the series, which will help you keep better track of clues.


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The Analysis part is a unique feature to the series that lets you go through your memo, hints, and items to look through the mystery.


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And finally, the Puzzle part is where you’ll spend time figuring out all kinds of different puzzles the game will throw your way. You’ll need to solve them to continue on with the story, and some of them can get pretty tough without the right clues.



Escape Adventure: The Cursed Sequence will release in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS eShop on April 22, 2015 for 820 yen.

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