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Next Legend Of Heroes Game Uses A Materia-Like Orbment System



Previously, we reported some of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash’s special attacks, known as Crafts. The Crafts are unique to each character and can be obtained upon reaching specific levels. In Falcom’s latest update, they share a close look at the series’ latest Orbment system, which uses Quartz to teach characters different abilities and Arts.



The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky used an Orbment system called Tactical Orbments, which was a small device that allowed players to use various Arts. In The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash, it’s a device called the Tactical Orbment ARCUS, which is used by Rean and others from Class VII. Similar to the device in Trails in the Sky, it will use Quartz to enhance the user’s abilities and allows them to use various Arts, however, this time with a few added twists.



The above shows an open and sealed slot in the Orbment device. You’ll get to place Quartz in any open slot; however, in order to open a closed slot, you’ll need to use an item called the Sepith, which can be acquired from combat rewards or treasure chests.



The above is a look at Rean’s Orbment on the left and Alisa’s to the right. As you can see, their patterns are different, so you’ll have to come up with different combinations that will fit their style.


In previous The Legend of Heroes titles, each Quartz’ attribute determined which type of magic could be used from it. This time, instead of it depending on the attribute, it will depend on the Quartz itself.


A normal Quartz may have an ability or ArtS enclosed within it. For example, you could might see one with a fire attribute, that will increase a character’s strength when inserted in their Orbment. The Silver Thorn Arts is another example of what could be acquired from a normal Quartz.


A Rare Quartz will be more valuable, as it will contain more useful Arts such as “Tear”, the water-attribute healing Arts. In addition, there will also be “S-Rare” Quartz with powerful Arts, which can’t be bought in stores.



Here’s a look at the Master Quartz, which is a special Quartz placed in the middle of the Orbment. The Master Quartz will gain experience from combat and will enhance over time. As you level it up, the parameters will also increase and so will its special abilities. It will also progressively increase the types of Arts you can get from it.


The above image is a look at Rean’s Force Master Quartz, which focuses on strength. It has an ability called STR Up which increases the user’s strength each turn from the start of the battle. In addition, it allows the usage of the Fire Bolt Arts.



This Master Quartz is known as Angel, focuses on magic attack and is seen being used by Alisa. It has an ability called Revival that has a once per battle effect of recovering HP and CP before being knocked.


There are various Arts that can be used in many ways to attack, heal and support. The seven attributes of the Arts are Earth, Water, Fire, Wind,  Time, Mirage and Sky. Each enemy has their strengths and weaknesses against certain attributes, so knowing which ones to use against certain enemies will make battle more effective if you can nail their weaknesses.


Here’s a look at some of the flashy Arts:


Ancient Glyph (Earth)



A giant glyph-like object falls from the sky and crushes enemies. It will temporarily inflict a petrify effect to the target, making them unable to act.


Judgment Bolt (Wind)



The Judgment Bolt is not only a powerful attack, but it also temporarily disables enemies from using any Crafts.


Altair Canon (Sky)


The Altair Canon is an Arts that shoots a bright laser from the sky to punish enemies. It also has a chance of lowering the target’s magic attack and defense.


Silver Thorn (Mirage)



This Arts surrounds enemies with silver swords that strike at the same time. It also has the ability to put enemies in a state of confusion.


Chrono Burst (Time)


The Chrono Burst Arts is where the user pulls out two clocks which splits the time in two and accelerates time. Using it will allow you to take pull off consecutive actions.


The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash will be available in Japan on September 26 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

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