Next Neptunia Game Cyber Dimension Online Isn’t Actually An Online Game



Compile Heart recently revealed Cyber Dimension Online as the latest of the Neptunia series, and this week’s issue of Dengeki PlayStation provides us with more information on the upcoming title. [Thanks, Hachima and Otakomu.]


This time around, the gmae will take place in a brand new orthodox-style fantasy world, where you’ll see Neptune and her friends in a different appearance than what you might be used to.


The looks of our main characters are designed by Tsunako, and they’re said to perfectly fit the world setting:


IMG_4156 IMG_4155

  • Neptune x Holy Knight
  • Noire x Dark Knight
  • Blanc x Priest
  • Vert x Enchanter


Here are some notes from executive producer Norhisa Kochiwa, designer Tsunako, and producer Naoko Mizuno:


  • This time around, they’re working on a “fantasy version” of Neptune that will depict them in a different way.


  • The title has “Online” in it, but it’s in fact not an online game, but actually about a game where Neptune and friends are playing one instead.


  • The genre is action RPG.


  • This is the game that Vert plays in the main Neptunia games, but she won’t be the main character, although she may play a bigger role.


  • The four goddesses will join as allies bits at a time, but it won’t take long until you get everyone together in your party.


  • As for other characters that will make an appearance, please look forward to it [in the next report or preview].


  • The story starts out with the Neptune and friends playing “Four Goddesses Online” and they begin to notice the existence of new characters, and fight against those that are enemies. And there will be one that is similar to Arfoire.


  • Development is about 20% to 30% complete. It’ll likely release in winter 2016.


A platform for Cyber Dimension Online has yet to be announced.

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