The Next Zenonia Game Will Have Proper Online Multiplayer



During the recent GDC, game publisher Gamevil revealed that the cutesy smartphone slasher action game Zenonia series would be getting a brand new game called Zenonia Online. While not many details were shared, the publisher revealed that the game will feature “full multiplayer online features”.




Quests SkillTree


The new game will allow players to party together to complete quests and take part in boss raids, kind of like Cross Horizon did last year. The game’s online component also means it sounds a little different from its previous titles such as Zenonia 5 (which you can grab for free on Android), which featured asynchronous player-versus-player battles as one of their only options of playing online. You can now expect to compete in various player-versus-player modes and battles in real time.



Shop Loot

As you can see, it’s got a very Maple Story meets Ragnarok Online kind of vibe, which is fitting considering it was originally a Korean title. With the shift to a synchronous online mode though, we’re not sure how old main character Regret will be in the picture (Though he’s still on the poster below)


Zenonia Online is set to launch in 2014 on iOS and Android devices.