Ni no Kuni II Tells Us More About Its Characters And Teases Its New Kingdom-Building Mode

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Following the reveal of its new trailer, Siliconera got to check out more of Level-5’s RPG Ni no Kuni II at E3 2017, and we learned a little more about its characters and new kingdom-building mode.


During the demonstration, we were reintroduced to Even, the previous king of Ding Dong dell who was crowned as king after the death of his father.  “Otto Mausinger” is one of the villains looking to overthrow Evan and reclaim the crown, and then there’s “Aranella” who helps Evan escape the Kingdom.


We were also reintroduced to “Roland “the president of a large country and “Tani” the Sky Pirate tomboy boss, both characters we’ve previously seen.




These little guys are called the “Higgledies” and they’re “Spirits of the Heart” that can only be seen by the pure-hearted. They’ll also act as your fourth party member with a variety of abilities.


Here are some of their unique abilities:

  • Wind Higgledies – These spirits can heal you
  • Fire Higgledies – Create barriers to shield you from fire as long as you stand in it.
  • Charged attacks – Higgledies are able to add elemental buffs to your regular attacks.
  • Special Attacks


Another key character that was introduced is “Batu,” who aims to become the king of sky pirates. In order to do so, he’ll need to go through a trial and fight against “Thogg,” a monstrously muscled mettle-tester in the trial of courage.



And finally, we have “Lofty”, who is kind of a mascot character and also Evan’s Mighty Kingmaker character. He’s the little guy you see at the end of the E3 2017 trailer forming a bond with Evan.


We also learned about a new kingdom that Evan visits called “Goldpaw.” What makes Goldpaw a unique place is that everything is ruled by rolling dice. “Lady Luck,” a six—armed deity is the one that rolls the dice. Then there’s the dog-like human named “Pugnacious” who rules the kingdom and rigs some of the games. You might’ve guessed it by now, but gambling is popular in this town.


Each kingdom in Ni no Kuni II is guarded by a beast. Goldpaw’s guardian is a dragon named Longfang. Evan will be visiting various kingdoms, as he’ll need to convince people to join his own.


We’ve known that the game will feature some sort of kingdom-building mode that was previously teased to be a “major new system” and Level-5 teased some more of it during the demonstration. In the kingdom-building mode, you’ll get to assign people with different roles. There’s also a variety of things you’ll get to customize, such as the kingdom’s technology, and such. More on that will be revealed later.


Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom launches on November 10, 2017 for PlayStation 4 and PC.

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