Level 5 and Studio Ghibli’s Nintendo DS RPG, Ni no Kuni, hasn’t been doing so well. Or rather, it hasn’t been doing as well as both retailers and Level 5 expected it to do.


With 330,000 units sold as of December 26th, Ni no Kuni is only about halfway through its initial shipment of 600,000 copies ordered by retailers. And it would appear that these copies are being sold at slashed prices at Japanese stores, down from the original price of 6,800 yen.


On the web side of things, Amazon.jp have more or less matched price, with the game going for 30% off at 4,772 yen. Meanwhile, AmiAmi, too, are selling Ni no Kuni at 44% off at 3,450 yen.


At this rate, we’re left wondering how much of a second shipment Ni no Kuni will actually see, once the first is sold out.


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