Ni-Oh Has A Blood Stains System Like Dark Souls

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Koei Tecmo is taking cues from other games when it comes to Ni-Oh. When playing through the action game, familiar elements from series like Square Enix’s Final Fantasy and From Software’s Demon Souls and Dark Souls games may appear, though with a Ni-Oh take. New information on a blood stain and summoning systems were revealed at the Tokyo Game Show.


For example, people connected to the internet will find blood stains that function similarly to the ones found in Dark Souls. In Ni-Oh, William stumble upon a Chinokata Dzuka, which is a pool of blood with a weapon in the middle of it. This was made by another player who died at that spot. As in From Software games, going up to the weapon will allow a player to see who spilled the blood and how they died. Unlike Dark Souls, a Ni-Oh player can then choose to fight an AI-controlled version of the player in the hopes of beating the specter for a reward.


Ni-Oh also has a summoning system involving spirits. William can collect spirits on his adventure and equip them to attack enemies or heal himself. This is done in real-time, as is equipping items, which means strategy will need to be employed when using spirit attacks or healing actions. The active spirit can be changed when William visits a shrine. A player has to be cautious, however, as if William dies in the field, the spirit will stay where he fell. To use it again, a player will have to return to the location where the character died.


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Ni-Oh will be added to the PlayStation 4 library in 2016.

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