Nico Is Great At Stealing The Show In Devil May Cry 5

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V isn’t the only new character showing up in Devil May Cry 5. We also have a new supporter. Nero has Nicoletta Goldstein, granddaughter of Nell Goldstein, on his side. She’s his partner in the mobile version of Devil May Cry, filling a variety of needs. This weaponsmith, driver, and even archivist is constantly working behind the scenes, providing aid when people call, creating new weapons, and chronicling all of the people, monsters, and weapons you see throughout the game. In short, she ends up being a welcome addition to the cast.


Nico makes an entrance whenever she appears. Literally, since almost every time she arrives on-screen, the Devil May Cry van is about ready to crash into something. Sometimes, we are treated to her obviously incredible driving skills. After all, the introductory movie has her driving in tandem with Nero’s demon slaying and she is able to take a moment to put out a cigarette on a devil’s face without missing a beat. Other times, she has to rely on aid from others, like V, to ensure a safe landing that won’t get her or other people killed. It’s this fun running joke that leaves you wondering, “How will she appear next time?”




But while that is humorous, Nico herself isn’t some joke character. She can be genuinely funny, such as when she’s busting Nero’s chops, trading quips, is making notes in her reports, or is reacting to suddenly having a naked Lady in her van. Rather, Nico always comes across as someone you should absolutely respect. She created the Devil Breaker, giving Nero an incredible way to fight back. She has a good eye for materials, being able to spot that Goliath’s horn would be great for Punch Line and (attempting to be) very specific about which piece of Gilgamesh’s metallic shell she would want for Rawhide. She has a general awareness of the world around her, is passionate about fighting for what’s right (unlike her father), and is smart enough to be able to decipher her father’s notes to create the Dr. Faust weapon for Dante.


Speaking of her ingenuity, Nico’s dedication to her craft is admirable. We already know she is constantly keeping tabs on our heroes’ locations, since she drives in at a moment’s notice to offer support. But in addition to that surveillance, she is constantly working on new weapons for Nero. Both the Punch Line and Rawhide Devil Breakers I mentioned earlier do not exist until you beat the bosses that drop the materials she will need to make them. Then, even with all of the demons around and tracking she is doing, she has time to develop and make these Devil Breakers. It’s a resourcefulness we don’t often see in games where there is an active blacksmith constantly on-hand. Say we use Hagel from the Atelier series. He is always working in the safety of his smithy and is having the resources brought to him.


There is also Nico’s passion. She has this excitement about her that is a joy to watch. Devil May Cry 5 is set in this dilapidated city that has had much of its life sucked out of it. Nico is like the balloons we see when we first enter. They’re a bastion of normalcy among the husks of humans the Qliphoth has sucked dry. Likewise, among the brutal acts of Dante, Nero, and V, Nico has this genuine enthusiasm to her. There’s an edge, sure, but she has a confidence that shows how much she enjoys her work and how ready she is to leap into the unknown.


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This passion applies to other people too. Nico first meets Dante after the group has reached the Qliphoth. She behaves as though she is his biggest fan. She boasts about the connection she has to him via her grandmother, Nell Goldstein. When he pulls out Ebony & Ivory, she recognizes her work. She’s jubilant when he jokes around with her and presents the Dr. Faust hat like a precious treasure. When he finishes the dance that comes with acquiring it, she is striking the same finishing pose as him at the end. It is such an identifiable moment. We all have that person who, if we met them, we would have that brief period where we would be excitable and flustered. How many among us would behave in a similar way upon meeting our “Dante” in person?


Thanks to Nico, we get to enjoy even more personality in Devil May Cry 5. She’s another character with all of these elaborate traits, but who comes across as very identifiable due to the moments when she can be human and gush over an icon. She’s always helping people, both with merchandise and information. In general, she’s a great member of the cast and having someone on hand to offer dependable aid is a comfort. She’s always just a phone call away.


Devil May Cry 5 is available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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