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NieR: Automata Bring Arts’ Realistic 2B & Machine Lifeform Set Are Now Available For Pre-Order



Square Enix is releasing a super realistic Bring Arts figure of NieR: Automata protagonist YoRHa No.2 Type B, a.k.a. 2B and a Machine Lifeform set in May and June 2018. Pre-orders are now live on the Square Enix Store.







The 2B figure’s design is crafted in accurate detail, everything from the delicately reproduced embroidery on her skirt to the beautiful pearly and delicately rendered white hair that was made possible by the application of paintwork over translucent material.


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The figure comes with various accessories, including exchangeable heads, a sword, and a pod. Many poses are possible with the figure, including those that pay homage to the game as shown in the above images.



Also included with the 2B is this little guy. The Machine Lifeform, accentuated as a weapon of war by its weathering, has many articulated joints allowing for a wide range of motion.


The 2B figure w/Pod measures W 2.1” x D 1.5” x H 5.6” and is going for $89.99. The Square Enix Store has it at 10% off at $80.99 and it’ll release in May 2018.



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If you need more Machine Lifeforms in your life, two more are available as part of the Machine Lifeform Set that comes with the hostile red eyes and articulated joints for various motions. Accessories include the gun, sword, revolving chainsaw, and various parts.


The Machine Lifeform Set figures measure W 2.4” x D 2.2” x H 3.6” each and is going for $59.99 with a release of June 2018. This figure also has a 10% discount putting it at $53.99 on the Square Enix Store.


NieR: Automata is available on PlayStation 4 and PC.

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