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NieR: Automata Has Online Features That Can Be Helpful For You And Other Players



With NieR: Automata releasing in Japan in just a few more days, Square Enix detailed some online elements that players will get to check out in the upcoming action RPG.


The first part they talked about is the “Artificial Body” or “Android” system. When you die in the game, your “Artificial Body” remains in that spot. These contain various data, such as the Plug-in Chip, and you can “recover” it by going back to the spot. Should you recover the Artificial Body and die again, you’ll lose your previous Artificial Body. It’ll also go away if you go a long time of playing without recovering it as well.


Again, you’ll have the option to not recover the Artificial Body, but “repair” it, and doing so will have it temporarily fight by your side. Again, if you’re connected online, you can have other players discover your Artificial Body, and they can repair it to have them fight by their side. Should they choose to repair the Artificial Bodies of other players, they can acquire Plug-in Chips instead.


We’ll probably hear more about the online features in the upcoming live stream that was recently announced for February 23 in Japan.


And finally, here’s a look at some PlayStation 4 themes that you can get for free using a Japanese PSN account starting February 22:





NieR: Automata releases in Japan on February 23, North America on March 7, and Europe on March 10, 2017 for PlayStation 4. The PC version will be available sometime in 2017.

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