NieR Automata Play Arts Kai 2B Looks Ready for the Weight of the World

Play Arts Kai 2B

If you’ve got the hunger for NieR: Automata figures to grace every available surface, but think that that newly-announced Masterline statuette isn’t poseable enough, then rejoice. For Play Arts Kai 2B is ready for you. Square Enix is proud to present yet another version of YoRHa No. 2 Type B to grab, and this one comes with joints, accessories, and a relatively high price tag. [Thanks, Figsoku!]

Play Arts Kai 2B stands almost 10 inches (255mm) tall, but is fully articulated, with many joints to arrange into all manner of evocative poses:

Play Arts NieR

Being part of the Play Arts line, Play Arts Kai 2B is larger and more detailed than the existing Bring Arts version of the character. The package includes 2B herself, a stand to hold her in place while posing, four interchangeable hands, and the Virtuous Contract small sword weapon.

It’s a relatively limited spread of accessories, so fans with cash to spare could consider picking up the deluxe edition of the figure. Though the Deluxe edition will cost buyers 21,780 Yen (about USD $207) versus 16,280 Yen for the standard (about $155), it seems like a more attractive package for the number of options added.

The Deluxe edition adds an extra weapon, the Virtuous Treaty large sword and parts to simulate the glowing rings that hold her weapons hovering behind her back. It also adds Pod 042, 2B’s boxy drone companion. The pack includes replacement faces, including one without the customary YoRHa blindfold, and even a replacement lower torso to show off 2B as she looks after triggering the in-game “Self-Destruct” function:Play Arts Kai 2B

Play Arts Kai 2B is available for pre-order from Japanese retailers like AmiAmi, for an estimated April 2021 fulfillment.

Josh Tolentino
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