NieR: Automata Prototype Figures And Xenogears Designs Appear At SDCC 2017


Square Enix’s booth at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con has some new figure designs for people to see. In glass cases are examples of new NieR: Automata and Xenogears designs. Two prototypes figures from NieR: Automata are shown, while only concept art appears for the Xenogears gear.

The two NieR: Automata figures are a part of the Bring Arts design. One is 2B, and the other is a Machine Lifeform. 2B is accompanied by her Pod support system, comes with a sword, and includes multiple hands and accessories. The Machine Lifeform has a bucket and what appears to be an additional faceplate.

The Xenogears gear designs were made by Junya Ishigaki, the original Xenogears Mechanical Designer. Concept art for both Weltall phase-1 and Weltall-Id are on display. As you may recall, Fei Fong Wong, the game’s protagonist, is the pilot of the Weltall. Weltall phase-1 is the standard version of the Gear, and Weltall-Id is the true form.

The release dates for the NieR: Automata 2B and Machine Lifeform and Xenogears Weltall Gears have yet to be announced.

Jenni Lada
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