NieR Producer Yosuke Saito Wanted to Be a Producer on Final Fantasy XI

Yosuke Saito Final Fantasy XI

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy XI, a special website titled “We are Vana’Diel” has opened. This website features interviews with notable members from within Square Enix that have unique relationships with Final Fantasy XI. The most recent interview is with Yosuke Saito, a Producer of the NieR series, which revealed that he wanted to be a producer for Final Fantasy XI. The interview also revealed how Saito began playing Final Fantasy XI and the extent of his relationship with the game.

Additionally, the interview has commentary from Final Fantasy XI Producer Akihiko Matsui who seemed surprised that Yosuke Saito had wanted to join the team. However, Saito mentioned that because of his attachment to the game he wouldn’t have gotten any work done as producer. The interview goes on to discuss how both joined a Square Enix guild in Final Fantasy XI. At the time Producer Matisui had been playing World of Warcraft with his wife.

Saito also said that other prominent members of the staff were part of the Square Enix guild and that the group participated in hardcore raiding. Saito recalled his time as the tank of the group and his occasional frustration with the DPS. However, he said that he remembers the group playing together “harmoniously.”

Previously, the site released an interview that explained the reason why Final Fantasy XI was made a numbered title. This was due to Hironobu Sakaguchi wanting the public to see Final Fantasy XI as something of a mainline game.

Final Fantasy XI is immediately available for PC.

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