NieR Replicant SINoALICE Collaboration Features New Version of Kaine

NieR Replicant SINoALICE Kaine

The NieR Replicant collaboration event will return in SINoALICE. However, while the SINoALICE event will feature previously released versions of characters from NieR Replicant, new variants for Kaine, Emil, and Devola and Popola will also appear. The second NieR Replicant collaboration event will begin on June 22 and last until July 6, 2021. The full event schedule is listed on the official website.

An entirely new scenario will appear in SINoALICE through the collaboration event, which will focus on the characters from NieR Replicant. As mentioned previously, new versions of previously available NieR Replicant characters will appear in SINoALICE, one of which is Kaine. Her new version will appear as a Crusher and features artwork of the Black Scrawl taking over her character.

Additionally, another version of Emil will appear in this collaboration. This variant features his skeleton body and the smiling face that has become someone synonymous with the NieR series. This version is a Sorcerer. A Paladin version of Devola and Popopla will also be available to obtain through this event.

Those that log in during this period will receive Young Nier entirely for free. He appears in SINoALICE as a Paladin. The Three Little Pigs will also receive a NieR Replicant variant through this event, which sees the trio dressed as Kaine, Emil, and Young Nier. Previously released versions of Kaine, Emil, and Devola and Popola will be available to obtain during this period as well.

SINoALICE is immediately available for Android and iOS devices.

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