Dress for Winter With New NieR Super Groupies Collaboration Clothing Items

Nier Super Groupies Collaboration

Super Groupies will be releasing another line of clothing inspired by the NieR series. This time, a series of themed parkas, jackets, and sneakers will be part of an upcoming clothing line. These goods are reflective of designs from the NieR series, meaning this will include items inspired by Kaine and 2B. Pre-order will be open until October 26, 2020, and the items are expected to ship in February 2021. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

The first group of items are jackets inspired by Kaine and Nier. Included are a parka with a detachable fur lining for the hood, and a Grimoire Weiss patch embroidered inside. Other details include the Black Scrawl pattern on the inside of the parka. Kaine’s jacket is made out of denim and has the same design on Kaine’s leg printed discreetly on areas of the coat. Naturally, the jacket also has a combination of leather and lace on the pocket and backs of both sleeves. You can order the Nier jacket for ¥24,800 or $234 and the Kaine jacket for ¥21,800 or $206.

Additionally, Nier and Kaine will be receiving their own line of sneakers as part of the Super Groupies collaboration. Similarly to the jackets, they will be modeled after the designs of both characters. This includes the addition of a Lunar Tear charm on Kaine’s sneakers and fur trim on Nier’s sneakers. Each pair will cost ¥12,800 or roughly $121.

The NieR: Automata Super Groupies collaboration items include sleek looking black jackets modeled after 9S and 2B. Each jacket will have an embroidered YorHa patch on the inside and have both grey and black accents. Additionally, both characters will receive their line of sneakers as well. These are a little more interesting in their design, as 2B’s sneakers have removable feather attachments. The 9S sneakers are a bit more discreet and come with brass buckles and a charm inspired by 9S’s design. The NieR: Automata Super Groupies jackets will cost ¥23,800 or roughly $255, and the shoes will cost ¥12,800 or $121.

Other Super Groupies NieR collaboration items include a series of watches, bags, and scarves. These items have been made to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the NieR series.

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