Night Terrors Will Bring Survival Horror Into Your Home With Augmented Reality



Bryan Mitchell wants to create the scariest game ever made. He’s the lead developer at Novum Analytics, which is the studio creating the augmented reality survival horror game Night Terrors for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.


It works by having you wander around your own home at night with the lights off and only your smartphone’s LED light to guide you. Somewhere in your own home there is a girl who is screaming for help. You need to navigate the environment using a signal that is tracked on your phone’s screen to find her.


As you do this, the AR tech projects photorealistic images into your environment so that it becomes slightly unfamiliar, adding unexpected objects that should unnerve you. It also analyzes the microphone feed and mixes in spooky audio at opportune times to maximize how much you get creeped out.



But worst of all will be the nightmarish ghosts and monsters that are added into your home, appearing out of nowhere to scare you, and who must be avoided if you wish to survive the game. These enemies have been created with practical effects rather than digital ones so that they appear realistic when you spot them.


Novum Analystics is looking to crowdfund the last bit of Night Terrors’s development. You can find out more about Night Terrors on its Indiegogo page.

Chris Priestman