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Nights Of Azure 2 Characters And Pre-Order DLC Revealed



Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon is once again going to send players after various demons in the hopes of saving virtual people who are important to them. This time, entirely new heroines are fighting to save the world in various ways. Koei Tecmo has decided to introduce the three most important ones, Aluche and Ruenheid are the two women who are attempting to save their childhood friend, Liliana, from becoming a sacrifice.


To make things easier, think of Aluche as being this game’s Arnice and Liliana as being Lilysse’s counterpart. Aluche gains demonic powers that aren’t unlike Arnice’s after being killed in battle. Now a half-demon, she decides to use these abilities to save Liliana from her fate of becoming the Bride of Time to keep the Moon Queen from destroying the world. Meanwhile, Aluche’s new abilities brings her back into contact with Ruenheid, another childhood friend, and the two decide to join forces to fight the Moon Queen and save Liliana.


Aluche and Ruenheid’s allies were discussed in the announcement. Arnice returns as a Nightlord. Camilla Alucard is a New Curian doctor. Veruschka is a half-demon assassin, and Muveil Folin Lou is a former Curian Knight Aluche admires. These are considered “Lilies” players can fight with to form friendships and earn additional abilities.


A few of Aluche’s Servans in Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon were revealed too. These helpers can be Strikers, who can attack enemies or become weapons, or Trickers, who help you reach new areas.

  • Farfalla, a butterfly
  • Feuille, a fairy
  • Hexer, a fiend
  • Kaede, who uses Shikigami
  • Nero, Aluche’s old friend
  • Perle, a dolphin
  • Scharf, a mutt who can wield electricity


Finally, information on pre-order DLC appeared. Both the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch versions will get a pack that includes a swimsuit costume for Aluche and three Servans. (One of the Servans is a Puni.) PlayStation 4 owners also get a theme. Also, PlayStation 4 owners who pre-order both Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon and Blue Reflection will get a Hinako outfit for Aluche and an Aluche outfit for Hinako.


NightsofAzure2_Puni Servan NightsofAzure2_PS4_CustomTheme

NightsofAzure2_Aluche_HinakoCostume NightsofAzure2_Aluche_Swimwear NightsofAzure2_Hinako_AlucheCostume

NightsofAzure2_Screenshot18 NightsofAzure2_Screenshot01 NightsofAzure2_Screenshot02 NightsofAzure2_Screenshot03 NightsofAzure2_Screenshot05 NightsofAzure2_Screenshot06 NightsofAzure2_Screenshot07 NightsofAzure2_Screenshot08 NightsofAzure2_Screenshot09 NightsofAzure2_Screenshot10 NightsofAzure2_Screenshot11 NightsofAzure2_Screenshot12 NightsofAzure2_Screenshot13 NightsofAzure2_Screenshot14 NightsofAzure2_Screenshot15 NightsofAzure2_Screenshot16 NightsofAzure2_Screenshot17

Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon will first appear on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Nintendo Switch in Japan on August 31, 2017. It will then come to the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC in North America on October 24, 2017 and Europe on October 27, 2017.

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