These Nights In Cairo Looks For Love On An Egyptian Excavation


These Nights In Cairo will have players helping Margaret work through the mysteries surrounding an archeological dig she is working on, all while trying to find time for romance on the side.


Margaret heads to an excavation in Egypt, one that is delving into a strange tomb. However, the director of the local museum seems to be hiding some secrets, a close friend of her father advises staying away, and other odd occurrences begin to happen, all hinting at danger closing in. With the player’s help, she may be able to figure out why all of this trouble is closing in on this tomb.

Players will guide Margaret’s story throughout These Nights in Cairo, including shaping her love life. Players can choose to romance three different men, one of whom is the game’s villain, shaping their romantic inclinations no matter what that character’s role is in the story. A priestess can also be romanced, should the players desire, allowing them to build a relationship with many of the characters from the game’s cast. If players get too caught up in love, though, they may find themselves coming to a bad ending that doesn’t resolve events.


These Nights In Cairo is available now on Steam.

Alistair Wong
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