Nijisanji English VTuber Group XSoleil Debuts This Week


The next generation of English-speaking VTubers under the Nijisanji umbrella will soon arrive. A six-person unit by the name of XSoleil will hold its debut event on December 10, 2022. XSoleil is the seventh generation of English-speaking Nijisanji performers.

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Check out a teaser for the XSoleil debut below. The performers are named Zaion LanZa, Doppio Dropscythe, Meloco Kyoran, Hex Haywire, Kotoka Torahime, and Ver Vermillion.

XSoleil is themed after the sun, as a contrast to ILuna, the moon-themed previous generation of Nijisanji English (consisting of Maria Marionette, Aster Arcadia, Aia Amare, Ren Zotto, Kyo Kaneko, and Scarle Yonaguni). The members of XSoleil are all part of the Institute of Infinity Student Council, and are assigned various roles. and traits. Their debut song, “Hold It Down” is available to watch at this link.

Zaion LanZa is the treasurer of the Student Council, and comes from the future. She’s said to “hide her loneliness with a self-imposed goal of preventing the apocalypse. Her character design comes from artist Asagi.

Doppio Dropscythe is the Student Council’s Enforcer, a “delinquent turned disciplinarian”. His character design comes from artist Takebayashi.

Meloco Kyoran is the Event Coordinator of the Student Council by day, and an exorcist by night, casting out ghosts and demons with her trusty umbrella. Her character design is from artist Dolustoy.

Hex Haywire is the Student Council Counselor, who cares for people so much he absorbs others’ pain at cost to himself. His character design comes from artist Namakawa.

Kotoka Torahime is the Student Council Vice-President, and is can glamour herself as anyone she touches. Her character design comes from artist Mimoza.

Ver Vermillion is the Student Council President, and can look into another’s soul and read their future. His character design comes from artist Fuyuomi.

The debut event of Nijisanji XSoleil will take place on December 9, 2022 at 4:40 PM PT (December 10, 9:40 AM Japan Time). The stream is accessible at this link, and will be hosted by ILuna members Aia Amare and Kyo Kaneko.


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