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Nijisanji Virtual Talent Academy Booted a Bunch of Vtubers

Anycolor, the parent company of Nijisanji, expelled several of its Virtual Talent Academy (VTA) Vtuber students for breaking several of the company’s rules, including issues with information management. This likely means revealing, accidentally or not, sensitive or non-public information. It has updated its list of current students to more accurately reflect its roster. There are now only ten students in the program.

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Among students that Anycolor expelled from VTA are ones from the second, third, and fourth generations. All VTA students—even those who were not part of the issue—will temporarily halt their activities. This is so that Anycolor can review its current way of operations. As soon as it figures that out, the VTA members will continue their usual streams and other online activities.

Incidentally, while the names of over ten VTA members are no longer on the student list, not all of them got their names removed due to violating the rules. As per normal VTA procedures, Anycolor removed their names and privated their VODs to prepare them for a debut. It’s likely that Anycolor did not outright state who it expelled so as not to spoil upcoming VTuber debuts.

If you have any questions about the current situation, you can contact Anycolor via the official site. It requested that people do not ask Nijisanji Vtubers or VTA members about the situation with stream comments or on social media.

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