Nikke Chainsaw Man Crossover Characters Previewed


A collaboration event for Goddess of Victory: Nikke and Chainsaw Man begins soon, and official accounts for the anime shared information about the NikkeChainsaw Man crossover characters. As previously announced, the event will involve members of Chainsaw Man‘s Public Safety Devil Hunters unit and add Makima, Power, and Himeno as playable characters. Aki Hayakawa and Denji are also involved in the event, but won’t be playable. The Nikke Chainsaw Man crossover “Bullet x Chainsaw” launches on February 22, 2023.

Shift Up began promoting the Nikke Chainsaw Man crossover with a preview of poster art for the event featuring Denji in his Chainsaw Man form. It also shared banner art of Power and Makima, as well as combat sprites for Himeno and Power. Power and Makima will be obtainable on the gacha Recruitment banner, and are of Limited status, meaning they won’t be available to recruit when the event ends.

Via a tweet, Shift Up also shared a preview of Himeno and Power’s appearance in cutscenes. Cutscene sprites are animated using Live2D, and the clip features voice actors Mariya Ise and Fairouz Ai playing Himeno and Power, as they did in the Chainsaw Man anime. Himeno will be freely obtainable through participation in the event, and wields the “Ghost Sight” sniper rifle weapon.

Here’s Himeno’s Live2D preview.

And here’s Power’s.

Notably, the Tweet also lists the Devil Hunter characters’ “Manufacturer.” Nikke characters are all cyborgs created by one of four in-game factions (Elysion, Missilis, Tetra Line, and the Pilgrims). “Abnormal” could be a fifth faction, or a reference to the fact that Chainsaw Man characters aren’t affiliated with any in-game Nikke faction.

Another preview image for the crossover dropped more hints about the playable Nikke Chainsaw Man crossover characters, and how players will be able to use them in their existing squads.

The paper notes beside each character’s photo indicate their classification and traits, which are important for fitting them into a Nikke squad.

  • Himeno is a wind-element SR-rarity unit, wielding a Sniper Rifle, with a Level 2 Burst Skill. She’s classified as a Support-type unit, as well.
  • Power is a fire-element SSR unit that uses a launcher that looks like the head of her Blood Fiend form. She’s an Attacker-type with a Level 3 Burst Skill.
  • Makima is a water-element SSR wielding a Submachine Gun. She’s typed as a Defender, with a Level 2 Burst Skill.

The Nikke Chainsaw Man crossover event launches on February 22, 2023. The game is available on iOS, Android, and PC. A pre-launch login campaign is ongoing, rewarding players who log into the game with recruitment tickets and other bonuses.

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