Nikke NieR Automata Event Teased

Goddess of Victory Nikke NieR Automata
Image via Goddess of Victory: Nikke Twitter

The Twitter account for Goddess of Victory: Nikke seems to have teased an upcoming collaboration between the game and NieR Automata. While the tweet did not straight up announce it, there is a short video in which the “Ni” in Nikke changes to the “Ni” from NieR Automata. Not only is the font the same, but there is also a gear replacing the dot on the “i.”

The hashtag “Nikke half anniversary” is included in the tweet, which means that this collaboration might happen soon. As a reminder, Goddess of Victory: Nikke will celebrate its half-anniversary on April 27, 2023. So if it will reveal more details about the NieR Automata collaboration, that’s likely around when we can expect it.

Characters who will appear in the NieR Automata collaboration event in Nikke will likely be 2B and A2. They are the most prominent female characters in the game. In the actual NieR Automata game, the two fought using melee weapons and their ranged weapon option was their Pod. But they’ll likely use guns in Nikke, much like how Power and Makima did even though they never really used guns in their native Chainsaw Man.

Goddess of Victory: Nikke is readily available on Windows PCs and mobile devices. More information on the NieR Automata crossover event will come out soon.

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