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Nine-Player Party Game Runbow Launches On Wii U On August 27th


The Wii U’s biggest couch-multiplayer game arrives on August 27th in North America at $14.99. Europe and Japan will get it shortly after. Yes, it’s Runbow – what else would it be?


If you’ve got the controllers then Runbow lets you and your friends compete against each other  in a race across a 2D obstacle course that constantly changes colors.


One of the main ideas in the game is that any object that gets camouflaged by a background that matches its color then it doesn’t exist. Oh, and the person who gets the Wii U GamePad is able to change these colors as much as they want while the rest of the competitors try to keep up.


There are seven game modes to try out in total including Rainbow Run, King of the Hill, and Arena. Developer 13AM Games explained these in further detail during Siliconera’s interview with them. And yes, the game does have single player options too, if you want them.


A new trailer was released alongside the release date announcement that reveals some of the guest characters that will be playable in the game. You can watch that above.

Chris Priestman