image From Software is planning to publish Ninja Blade in Japan on January 29 while Microsoft is publishing the game everywhere else. When are they planning on doing it? February. Asia’s Xbox division revealed an English version of Ninja Blade will be ready then. If an English version is ready Microsoft shouldn’t have much problem bringing it to us in North America around then.


Oh, I guess that Gamestop listing we dug up might not be too far off which pins Ninja Blade for release on February 3rd.


Unfortunately, this might not be good news for Ninja Blade since it isn’t going to get a marketing push from Microsoft like Ninja Gaiden II, one of their other second party titles. Instead it seems like Ninja Blade is going to suddenly pop into stores like Tenchu Z and Project Sylpheed. If you’re curious about Ninja Blade and all of it’s flying demon slashing check out the demo on Japan’s Xbox Live Marketplace. Right now it’s locked to silver members, but give it a week and you’ll be able to try Ninja Blade in English.


Images courtesy of From Software.

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