Ninjala Introduces the Origin of Ninja Gum With an Animated Short

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GungHo has released the first episode of a multi-part animated series for its upcoming arena fighter Ninjala. The first episode is nearly nine minutes long and shows how Ninja-Gum was invented.

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In this prequel video, we see scientists Burton, Berecca, and Jon working on fruitless experiments to create Ninja-Gum when one time, it finally works. While the Ninja-Gum gives people seemingly superhuman abilities, it turns out that Jon is actually part of some organization that wants to use the new invention to ill purpose. At the end, Burton and Berecca find out that eating the gum has the side effect of turning those that eat them back into children, and must now find a way to turn back into their adult selves.

Check out Ninjala Episode 0 below:

The animation is produced by Marza and features Max Mittelman as Burton, Kailey Snider as Berecca, and Regi Davis as Ron.

Apart from explaining the origins of Ninja-Gum, over the past few days GungHo also released more gameplay footage for Ninjala via the Japanese Youtube channel for the game:

Ninjala will come to the Nintendo Switch on May 27, 2020. It will be entirely free-to-play. You can check out the game’s first developer diary here.

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