Open Emotion are a Limerick, Ireland-based indie games studio who are working on an upcoming PSP Minis game by the name of Ninjamurai, for release in May this year.


A…samurai ninja? Sacrilege! Wait, maybe not. Open Emotion appear to be big Sega fans and describe the game as “Shinobi meets Sonic.” You can watch footage of the game (grabbed with an iPhone camera, in case the low video quality catches your eye) embedded above.


“We had a lot of different inspirations for the design in Ninjamurai,” Open Emotion write on their development blog. “We looked at the classics like Sonic 1-3 + Knuckles on Sega Mega Drive and Super Marios’ many iterations on Snes. We looked at the Mega Man games for their simple tile based design and the sheer power of it. We looked at Shinobi to see a more combat-based platformer.”


Because the trailer above is low quality, here’s a few of screenshots of Ninjamurai:



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