Nintendo 3DS

This Nintendo 3DS Shoot-em-Up Is Almost A Trainer For The Genre


No one is perfect. We can’t all be Daigo Umehara right from the get-go. So if you’ve wondered how you too could be getting yourself into something like the shooting genre, upcoming Nintendo 3DS game Karous: The Beast of Re: Eden might be what you’re looking for.


As previously mentioned, the game will have short missions as one way to help players on the go with this Nintendo 3DS title. What’s new in the 3DS remake of this arcade/Dreamcast shooter, though, is what some of those missions will be like.


Karous will have specific objectives for some of these missions, such as “Take out the lead ship 10 times” or “Find and destroy the hidden box,” which will help give players simple, achievable goals as baby steps. It looks like this isn’t a simple port of the original arcade game.


Before you embark on these missions, though, you’ll be able to spend some time in Garage mode fiddling around with your ship. You’ll be able to equip some Assist Items if you so choose, such as the Death Wing. What they actually do isn’t known, though obviously it will help make missions easier. You’ll also be able to make your ship look different with a variety of different frames, though this doesn’t actually do anything beyond aesthetic purposes.




Karous’s unique gimmick of giving your ship a sword, shield and a gun will also now let you level them up, granting it ever-more powerful ranges and strengths to take on larger challenges.


Karous: The Beast of Re: Eden is shooting for release on January 23, 2014.