The Nintendo 3DS’ SmileBASIC Is Already Getting Intricate Games

The Nintendo 3DS is capable of some rather remarkable things. It has some extraordinary games, music creation applications like KORG M01D and Rytmik, and painting programs like Colors! 3D. People tend to forget about the programming side though, perhaps because SmileBASIC, an application that allows people to use BASIC programming language to create their own games and apps, has only been around since this past over. Despite its relative youth, there are still quite a few games that shows how people are embracing everything it has to offer.

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For example, there’s already a rather functional RPG to enjoy. Rukaka has released Magic Story, which has been translated by Iohadl. The project isn’t finished yet, as the dungeon only has four floors, but it’s inspired by the Madou Monogatari. It’s a first-person dungeon crawler with turn-based battles that’s already showing a lot of potential. You can download it using the Public Key YK33V3R1.



Iohadl has done more than just translate the SmileBASIC Magic Story. This creator also translated Rwiiug’s Lunar Saviors, a Touhou Project sort of bullet hell game. Cute ’em up is also appropriate, since the main characters are rather pretty. It’s a complete game that hundreds of hours went into, with shots that vary in power, the ability to manipulate time, and a “grazing” mechanic that reduces charge time on attacks if you dodge successfully. Due to its complexity, a Nintendo New 3DS system is recommended. The Public Key for this one is QKX33XL3.



People are also using SmileBASIC to bring classics back. Calc84maniac has released a port of Brandon Sterner’s Block Dude. It’s a puzzle game where someone must move blocks to clear walls and reach a door. There’s a password system, so you can keep your progress, as the game gets more difficult as you advance. If you had a graphing calculator in high school or college, this is a blast from the past. It can be acquired with Public Key 4KX3PX7D.



There’s even a sandbox game inspired by Terraria for SmileBASIC. PetitPocky’s PetitWorld lets you explore and create, as well as fight the occasional monster. There’s even a crafting system, complete with recipe book. It’s really quite detailed, being what it is. People can download it with Public Key 4DW4N83E.


SmileBASIC is immediately available in the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Additional user-created programs can be found via searching the Programs section at the official website. To download a program, you must connect to the internet in the game and use one of the Public Keys above to play a published and uploaded game. I also recommend following the Petit Computer 3 Miiverse community for Japanese releases.

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