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Nintendo Announces Full E3 2015 Schedule

This morning, Nintendo revealed their scheduled for E3, where they will show games being published in 2015, as well as select titles scheduled for 2016. Like last year, the company’s E3 presence will span more or less the entire week. Here’s the full list of events:


Super Smash Bros. new content presentation:

Sunday, June 14th | 7:40 am PST


Pre-E3 Nintendo Treehouse [email protected]:

Sunday, June 14th | 2:35 pm – 3:00 pm PST


Nintendo World Championships:

Sunday, June 14th | 3:00 pm – 6:30 pm PST


Nintendo Digital Event:

Tuesday, June 16th | 9:00 am PST


Nintendo Treehouse [email protected]:

June 16th – 18th


Nintendo Access: Mario Maker @ BestBuy:

Wednesday, June 17th | 4:00 pm – 9 pm Local Time

Saturday, June 20th: | Noon – 5 pm Local Time


All of Nintendo’s E3 streams will be viewable at their E3 website, on YouTube, and and their Twitch Channel.


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