Nintendo Award Highest Summer Bonuses In Japan Again



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According to a survey conducted by the Nihon Keizai Shimbun — better known to most of us as Nikkei — the average summer bonus that Japanese companies award to their employees is up 0.75% over last year.


As far as companies themselves go, Nintendo led the pack for the second year in a row, with its employees receiving the largest bonuses in Japan. Nikkei report however, that due to factors such as the slower momentum of Wii sales in March, Nintendo’s bonuses were down from their previous year by a little. (We doubt their employees mind too much)


The slight overall increase in summer bonuses can be attributed to individual increases across a variety of industries. Fishery netted an increase of 11.34%, while services like land transport were up 6.83%. Textile manufacturing, too, increased by 14.45%, while print was up by 10.94%. Hmmmm.


Meanwhile, industries like steel and oil may illustrate why the average bonus increase was so slight. Steel dropped hard by 27.77%, while oil flowed downhill by 16.4%. Hospitality services such as tourism and the hotel business declined 14.02%, while banking and credit saw the largest drop at 38.77%.


Keep in mind, all these increases and drops in bonuses are relative to the bonus amounts each of these industries award in the first place. Either way, Nintendo still look rather pretty, sitting at the top for a second year in a row.


Image sourced from Livedoor News.

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