Nintendo Currently Hiring 3D Terrain Designers For The Legend Of Zelda Series


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Today, Nintendo revealed a job listing on Twitter for a 3D designer for terrain design. The job notice is for a project-based contract to work at Nintendo’s home offices at Kyoto.

The 3D designer will be tasked with working on all sorts of terrain design for fields and dungeons. They are required to have experience in Maya and Photoshop in creating scenery, software development experience on HD consoles, and have the ability to communicate and work together in Japanese. And of course, Nintendo welcomes those who feel a passion or desire to work on the terrain design for the Zelda series.

This isn’t the first time Nintendo looked into hiring “CG designers (terrain)” in particular, as the company previously put up a recruitment for the role about a year before the Nintendo Switch released back in September 2016.

We last heard back in May last year that Nintendo was also recruiting level designers for the Zelda series, which you can read more about here.

Alistair Wong
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