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Nintendo Directs Wrong Pokemon Expansion Pass Buyers to Customer Support

wrong pokemon expansion pass

The whole Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass, which gives people access to Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra. However, there were some who had an issue that led to them getting the wrong Pokemon Expansion Pass, due to there being one specifically for Sword and another just for Shield. Now, Nintendo is directing people to customer support to make things right if they make a mistake.

This came up on Twitter when Nintendo was talking about the newly released Isle of Armor area and its features. The company cautioned people to make sure they look closely, so they don’t end up accidentally getting the wrong Pokemon expansion pass. However, if someone did get the wrong one, it directed people to the official customer support site for a way to make things right.

If someone does have Pokemon Sword and Shield and is worried about possibly getting the wrong expansion pass, there are a few ways to guarantee it doesn’t go awry. One is to choose to get it from within the game. If you go through the menu to grab it, the game will automatically direct you to the appropriate version of the pass for it. Also, you could go to the product page for the game you own in the eShop and scroll down to ensure you get the right one, rather than risk choosing a featured item that might lead to the wrong Pokemon expansion pass.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are available for the Nintendo Switch.

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