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A Nintendo @ E3 2016 National StreetPass Week Has Begun


IMG_0049People logging into the Nintendo 3DS eShop today to browse the selection and maybe pick up Kirby: Planet Robobot will be greeted by a StreetPass event announcement. In honor of E3 2016, Nintendo has announced a National StreetPass Week that will run from June 10-19, 2016. It’s a Nintendo @ E3 2016 Edition, to be specific.  


To participate, bring your Nintendo 3DS to a Nintendo Zone while it’s in sleep mode. Instead of getting six StreetPasses from the last few people in your area to visit that location, you’ll get StreetPasses from people across North America who’ve recently been to a Nintendo Zone. You can check Nintendo’s official website to find Nintendo Zones near you.


This National StreetPass Week coincides with the launch of another means of connecting with people in honor of E3 2016. On Miiverse, Nintendo has opened [email protected] and Game News, Videos, and Events communities. The former is a place for people to talk about Nintendo’s E3 announcements, while the latter is run by verified Nintendo users, like Amy, Skye, and Tom, to offer up-to-date news. Both of these communities will be open for a limited time.


E3 2016 will run from June 14-16, 2016.

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