Nintendo Explains How The Switch Got Its Name And What Their Goal Was With Its Reveal Trailer

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Back when the Nintendo Switch, formerly known as the NX, was revealed in October, many believed the console’s name came from players’ ability to “switch” between playing on the television screen and the console’s screen on its portable device. However, in a new interview, Nintendo says that that isn’t only what the name is supposed to imply. [Thanks, NintendoEverything.]


Speaking to Nintendo Dream, the company explained that the name “Switch” not only comes from the console’s defining feature of being able to switch between screens but also from “the idea of being a ‘switch’ that will flip and change the way people experience entertainment in their daily lives.”


Additionally, Nintendo was asked what exactly their goal was and what kind of impression they wanted to make with the Switch’s announcement trailer. Nintendo replied with the following:


“We wanted to show people just how much of an enjoyable difference it will make in their entertainment experiences, by having them see and hear for themselves what it can do in an easy-to-digest manner. It allows people to enjoy a home console experience not only in front of a TV, but in rooms with no TV, or outside altogether. And because the controllers are detachable from the main body of the console, each of its forms offer different play experiences for people to enjoy.”


The Nintendo Switch will release in March of 2017. More details, including an exact release date for the console, are expected to come out during a special event in January 2017.

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