Nintendo shared its latest financial results briefing today, where current president Tatsumi Kimishima had a lot to talk about, starting with some talk on the recently released Nintendo Labo.


Here’s what Kimishima had to say about the Nintendo Labo:

Firstly, Nintendo Labo has had the high expectation as a “very Nintendo” product since the original announcement in January this year, and as soon as it was launched, consumers have been posting photos and video of parents and children as they work together to assemble the cardboard pieces and then play with their completed Toy-Con, which were unimaginable in video games before. It has been on sale for only a week in Japan and the US, while sales in Europe will begin today, but the main purchasers of Nintendo Labo at launch are not the same as with typical video games, and they are mainly elementary school children and their fathers, as well as game players who like creative activities. We developed and will nurture Nintendo Labo as a product that is not constrained by the boundaries of conventional video games and can endear itself to a broader range of consumers. From the initial response, we have this solid feeling that we are off to a great start in that regard.


Nintendo Labo is available on Switch.

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