Nintendo Game Seminar 2013 To Help Educate Aspiring Developers

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Nintendo are bringing back their Nintendo Game Seminar, the educational lectures in Japan conducted by some of the company’s most knowledgeable employees. It’s been three years since their previous seminar, and they’re back with an easier-to-access format for students who wish to participate.


The Nintendo Game Seminar is held for students that are interested in developing games. It will be held in two locations: Tokyo and Osaka. Participants will also be able to view the seminars at the comfort of their own homes, and for free. The seminars will focus on game development, using Nintendo’s Web Framework (used to develop Wii Street U Powered by Google), HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.


The goal of the seminar is to have students experience the splendor and profundity behind game development, spanning across an 8-month period of time. Previously, Nintendo have shared student-developed DS games through DS download stations across Japan from past seminars. Ugo Ugo Trinity, which was known for its innovative use of the DS microphone was one such student made DS game from Nintendo’s 2008 game seminar.


Nintendo sharing knowledge through lectures by active developers in the most important fields of game development, such as: directing, programming, graphics and sound design. Here’s a message from two of Nintendo’s finest:


“This is a new trial to teach what game design is about and getting people together to have fun while thinking and creating. I invite you to please try and participate.”

– Shigeru Miyamoto


“It’s been over 30 years since the birth of Nintendo’s Family Computer. In those days, everything involving development had to be handmade through a series of inventions. Compared to today, the development environment has greatly changed, but the thought process that goes into developing, hasn’t changed by much.


In our earlier days, games were only made through Nintendo’s original development  environment. Since then, the hurdle has been lowered after having worked on the Wii U, as it is now possible for people without technical backgrounds to make games. Also, if you share the same enthusiasm towards game developing, it wouldn’t be out of possibility for you to come up with something new with Nintendo’s lecturers while bringing a smile to those around you.


Our previous seminars mainly focused on putting together lectures and production. From this point on, the renovated at-home development style will allow you produce with enthusiasm whenever and however much you’d like. So I ask you people with different expertise to gather and enjoy yourselves while coming up with various inventions from zero as we did 30 years ago.”

– Takashi Tezuka


The Nintendo Game Seminar will start from July until March 2014. The free seminars will take place every Friday from 18:30 to 21:00 JST.

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