This morning, when Nintendo announced Tomodachi Life would be released in the west, a friend of mine remarked upon the fact that the word “Tomodachi” (friend) had remained intact, instead of being localized. I suggested that, perhaps, the game was for enthusiast gamers—people like him and I that would appreciate the bizarreness of a Japanese game where Reggie and Iwata confess their feelings to Samus.


Then, I received a press release from Nintendo of America. Here’s what it said:


“Even your far-fetched celebrity dreams can come true in Tomodachi Life. If you have ever wanted international superstar Christina Aguilera to join you in a sing-off, or believed that she would become BFFs with your cousin or wished she would perform a song with your customized lyrics, it could happen here. The multi award-winning singer has signed on to be a part of Nintendo’s promotional campaign for the game, and her Mii character will be available at launch. Aguilera’s Mii character also will guest star in a TV commercial and in online videos that show all the exciting things that happen when celebrities mingle with Miis players know personally.”


The first video featuring Aguilera can be viewed at the top of this post. Nintendo say that collaborations with other celebrities will be announced in the future as well.


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