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Nintendo is Aware of Splatoon 3 Chill Season Weapon Glitches

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Splatoon players, beware. Nintendo has confirmed a persisting glitch introduced in the newly released of Splatoon 3 version 2.0.0, aptly named Chill Season. On December 2, 2022, the official Splatoon Japanese account went into more detail.

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The Splatoon 3 Chill Season glitches involve the Roller and Brush weapons. When using any of these type of weapons too close to terrain, some ink may decrease. Nintendo is aiming to patch this glitch as late as the end of next week.

A different issue was fixed earlier on December 1, 2022. It involved communication errors when using Special Weapons under unspecified circumstances.

Here is the available information from Nintendo of Europe:

Fortunately, this new season adds things other than glitches. With version 2.0.0 of Splatoon 3 also comes the new Chill Season, including a plethora of new content. Three new maps, three new weapons, multiple weapon variants, and new gear were added to mix things up. In addition, with Drizzle Season ended, the previous catalog is inaccessible and a brand new one took its place. People can complete it before the end of the season in March 1, 2023.

New play modesare available too. X Battle will be available after reaching a rank of S+0 or higher in Anarchy Battle. Salmonids will also begin invading the regular battle stages. The first Big Run event starts in December 10, 2022 and will only be available for a limited time.

Splatoon 3 is available for the Nintendo Switch, as is its version 2.0.0 update.

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