Nintendo NX Reported To Be A Portable Console With Detachable Controllers


Nintendo NX News

A report from Eurogamer, suggests the upcoming Nintendo NX console will be a handheld console similar to a tablet but with detachable controllers to the right and left of the screen. While the controllers are connected, the device looks a lot like the Wii U game tablet. When the controllers are removed, the NX can reportedly stand upright like most tablets with the help of an built-in stand. For gaming at home, the NX appears to have a docking station that can connect to a television.


The report also claims, Nintendo NX uses the Nvidia Tegra X1 mobile processor. Developers are said to be using NX development kits powered by the chip. Pointing to a trademark filed for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild that includes cartridge-based media, it is believed the NX will use cartridges instead of discs.


Nintendo NX will launch globally in March 2017.