Nintendo Osaka Superstore Opens With New Merchandise

Nintendo Osaka Merchandise

Nintendo opened a second physical retail superstore in Japan. Nintendo Osaka officially opened its doors on November 11, 2022, complete with new merchandise. The place is popular enough that numbered tickets are required to even enter the premises. [Thanks, Denfaminico Gamer!]

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Opened three years after the first Nintendo store, Nintendo Tokyo, Nintendo Osaka is a little closer to the company’s headquarters in Kyoto. It’s also near Super Nintendo World. That’s the Nintendo theme park inside Universal Studios Japan. The store is located in the Daimaru Umeda department store, which is connected to the Osaka JR train station. The store itself features lots of Nintendo decor. These include a pixelated Mario sculpture and statues of characters like Link, an Inkling, and various Animal Crossing characters.

As of opening time, the Nintendo Osaka store hosts more than games and console hardware. More than a thousand different Nintendo-branded merchandise items are in its inventory. The newest stocked items are exclusive sets based on Super Mario Bros. character Yoshi, the Animal Crossing series, and Pikmin.

The sets include a Yoshi egg-themed key case, a children’s dining set and silicon molding tray, Yoshi egg cushions, and an egg-decor tea set. The Animal Crossing items include loungewear themed after various villagers and gyroids, an apron and towel, a desk set with stickers, pens, and stationery, and even a kitchen set that includes a bespoke kettle, pot, teacup, cutting board, timer, and scale. The Pikmin items are desk and plant-themed to reflect the characters’ size. One set includes desk accessories that make it look like Pikmin are messing with your pens and papers, and another includes vases made to look like growing Pikmin. More traditional items include a cup, gratin dish, ID badge holder, and rainwear that makes the wearer look like a giant-size Pikmin.

The items are on sale at both Nintendo Osaka and Nintendo Tokyo.

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