Nintendo PlayStation Owner Could Be Selling The Prototype


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A piece of gaming history could be about to go up on the auction block. Terry Diebold, owner of the Nintendo PlayStation Prototype, apparently wants to put it up for sale. Previously, Diebold has been taking it to different events, like the Midwest Gaming Classic and Magic Monaco, for people to see. (Thanks, Gameblog.Fr!)


News about the possible sale came from Cedric Biscay, the Shibuya Productions Producer and Writer. He noted that Diebold said he wanted to sell the system on Twitter. He also shared several images of the device.


The Nintendo PlayStation is a working prototype. As discovered in an interview with Engadget back in 2015, Diebold said he got it for $75 in an online auction Advanta Corporation held after filing for bankruptcy. The former Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Olaf Olafsson was formerly a part of the Advanta board, and things in his New York office were shipped and sold as part of the auction. 


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The Nintendo PlayStation was a prototype for a potential hybrid system that Nintendo and Sony were going to team up to make. It would have allowed people to play Super NES and Super Disc games. Supposedly around 200 prototypes were made. However, due to disagreements between the two companies and Nintendo partnering with Philips for some CD-i Nintendo games, like Hotel Mario and Link: The Faces of Evil, led to the system never being made and Sony going on to make its own consoles.

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