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Nintendo President Elaborates On The 3DS Market And Possible Successor



Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima recently talked about considerations of a DS successor and he had more to add in a Q&A segment of the Japanese financial results briefing.


Q: This is about your thoughts on having both the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch co-existing together. When a player first uses the Nintendo Switch and recognizes it as a portable device, is there a point to releasing a next-generation handheld console?

A: I believe that for the time being, the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch can co-exist together. Compared to the Nintendo 3DS, the Nintnedo Switch is different in shape, size, and price, and the variety and quantity of games that are currently playable now are different between the two. With those differences in mind, I believe that a Nintendo 3DS would work well for parents that are looking into getting their children their first games. Therefore, as a portable gaming device, I believe the Nintendo 3DS has a different demand and market than the Nintendo Switch, and as we’ve gone about with portable consoles until now, we will continue considering a successor.

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