Nintendo President Furukawa On Experimentation And Games Streaming


Nintendo’s president Shuntaro Furukawa recently gave an interview with TIME magazine, talking about Nintendo’s basis in experimentation, and pursuing new technology like Google Stadia’s game streaming.


Here are the highlights:

  • Furukawa says that Nintendo is committed to experimentation, and for Furukawa, “above all else, I base my decisions on the development leader’s way of thinking”.


  • As for what Nintendo’s plan is for new gaming platforms like game streaming, Furukawa stated that Nintendo is content with producing fun games, instead of pushing the edges of technology, and this also includes game streaming. “Nintendo continues to search for new ways to enhance the fun that people can have through their gaming experience.”


  • On smartphone games monetization: “In terms of monetization, that’s something that we decided on an app basis. It’s something we decide looking at the game content of each app, as well as the IP used and the player that we’re targeting. We also look at how we can best have the players enjoy the game, as well as how they would be comfortable in spending money.


  • When asked if Nintendo emulates Disney’s strategy in terms of being IP-based company, Furukawa stated that their use of their IPs is just an extension of their philosophy, and not from imitating Disney.
Alistair Wong
Very avid gamer with writing tendencies. Fan of Rockman and Pokémon and lots more!