Nintendo Promoting Xenoblade Chronicles 3D With Comments From Japanese Players

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A new introductory trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles 3D shows off a variety of areas from the game’s large world. The narrator introduces games like the Bionis leg, arm, and other parts of the map that you’ll travel to through the course of the story.


The video also shows off features such as changing the time of day, discovering new landmarks, and so on. Following that, we see comments from Japanese players that played the original version of Xenoblade Chronicles on Wii. Nintendo appear to be letting word-of-mouth do the talking for them. Here’s what the comments say:


The world being recommended:

“I was moved by the world’s grandeur.” (26, male)

“Enraptured by the music and story. I might just cry.” (23, female)


The exploration being recommended:

“I recommend it to those that just want to go on an adventure in a huge world.” (16, male)

“It’s fun even just prowling around in the gigantic fields.” (17, female)


The battles being recommended:

“Such exhilaration upon defeating enemies.” (36, female)

“The dialogs during battle as well as thinking up battle strategies are fun.” (39, male)


The relationships being recommended:

“Even the townspeople have individuality. I believe it is quite interesting to pay attention to them, too.” (20, female)

“A great variety of sub-events, which progress at a brisk pace, thus making the progression of the main events slow.” (28, male)


Other comments:

“Going on an adventure in a grand world without any stress—the original appeal of an RPG.” (26, male)

“For those who wish to experience the true feeling of adventure in a game world.” (38, male)

“You’re the one that decides the relationships you want to build, and the allies you want to develop.” (19, female)


Xenoblade Chronicles 3D will be released worldwide this April for the New Nintendo 3DS.

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